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I am the Promotions Officer at Eurofound, the Dublin-based EU agency providing comparative socio-economic research data, findings and policy pointers... Show more

  • Research manager
  • Working Life
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  • Research Officer
  • Working Life
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  • Workflow Officer
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Catherine Cerf is the Workflow Officer in the Working Life Unit of Eurofound

  • Head of Unit, Employment
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  • Research Manager
  • kfmzo@lueuvlroskfowmungud.bqeufproxbpatg.edwuag
Klára Fóti is a research manager in the Social Policies unit. Her current research focuses on labour market integration of refugees and asylum seekers.... Show more

Jorge Cabrita is a research manager in the Working Life unit at Eurofound. He is rResponsible for formulating, coordinating and managing European-wide... Show more