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  • Research manager
  • European Company Survey
  • gvuah@vmeuqqrogcfombunlud.ereucdrouipaag.epvumo
Gijs van Houten is a research manager in the Employment unit at Eurofound. He has specific expertise in cross-national survey methodology and the... Show more

  • Communication Project Officer
  • agmya@jpeuqgroaafowdunzcd.jyeugiroqapasf.eygupu

I am the Promotions Officer at Eurofound, the Dublin-based EU agency providing comparative socio-economic research data, findings and policy pointers... Show more

  • Press Contact
  • Communication Officer
  • btmnu@vueuqsrojkfoitunzud.ueeurgrotupadx.eleuvo
  • +353866002307

  • Head of Brussels Liaison Office
  • Pipqersmreva.Bknauypsssqanzsd@ereupxropgfoozunand.mkeudyrosqpaxw.eagulz

  • Head of Unit, Working Life
  • Baherbkparsza.wcGegrrsfvtejanbfyerhggekmr@freuhgrowqfochunicd.jkeuxkroxmpaba.elnuoh

  • Deputy Director, Eurofound
  • Mazyricfa.kwJecopsinenrn@eamurieofucouyondnx.eepurdsopqfa.keeumg
Maria Jepsen is Eurofound’s Deputy Director, appointed on 1 November 2019. Prior to this, she was Director of the research department at the European... Show more

  • Research Manager
  • Social Policies
  • esxqztnwerng.stranwldonkr@wmeujfrobpfofmunhsd.yqeulvrovbpaby.esquqh

I am your first port of call for contacts with our experts at Eurofound, the Dublin-based EU agency providing comparative socio-economic research data,... Show more

  • Research Officer
  • Working Life
  • Ricwcakvrdplo.pmRoxidrcuigibuebqzCiuonjktrvwervoasxe@eryuremofakoulzndxq.efpurhgopuqa.sjeujq

  • Research Officer
  • Working Life
  • Oszncaqxr.vnVavergryasnx@evguriroftrouwyndty.eakurqjopwja.cxeult

  • Research Officer
  • Working Life
  • Frynanvyz.ihEihuffyoe@oneucoromffoxiunppd.mpeutlroonpajz.efsuzy

  • Research Manager
  • Working Life
  • isgqabnselyklatv.bimiltketnstano@eofurmuofjjoupendqq.eggurbkophba.gpeuzo

  • Workflow Officer
  • Cagmthqzerfqinfpe.laCebirfid@enyurucofjooujcndzk.eaturacoptda.aieuaw
Catherine Cerf is the Workflow Officer in the Working Life Unit of Eurofound

  • Head of Unit, Employment
  • Irrpenjje.bqMahqndnbl@kteutvrocffoufunfbd.tpeuqtrokmpagz.eysudi

  • Research Officer
  • Living Conditions and Quality of Life
  • dayxnispeljv.mmzolyzinjzuesevohr@ewqurbnofwdouovndxx.eeourqmopcma.kzeubj
Daniel Molinuevo is a research officer in the Living Conditions and Quality of Life unit since June 2010. Prior to his appointment, Daniel worked in a... Show more

  • Research Manager
  • kfkvo@vveubgroflfoytunmyd.jzeuparovqpage.eynugg
Klára Fóti is a research manager in the Social Policies unit. Her current research focuses on labour market integration of refugees and asylum seekers.... Show more

  • Head of Information and Communication
  • Majrryoy.MbxcCjkaujpghxzeyuo@esjurelofuboutondoz.epkurdgopdca.wqeulm
  • +353-1-204-3240
Mary McCaughey is Head of Information and Communication in Eurofound, where she has worked since 2003. A graduate in Business and Politics from Trinity... Show more

  • Research Manager
  • alumu@greunnrorkfomdunmed.lceuzcrocdpaxg.eyzuxi
Anna Ludwinek is a Research Manager in the Social Policies unit at Eurofound. Since joining Eurofound in 2008, she has worked on issues related to... Show more

  • Senior Programme Manager
  • European Working Conditions Survey #6EWCS
  • apxet@wpeupjrocqfolvunmxd.ageumjropypavt.ehduvx
  • +353-1-204 3179
  • +353-87-6233141
Agnès Parent-Thirion is senior research manager in the Working Life unit at Eurofound, tasked with the planning, development and implementation of... Show more