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[Audio News Release]: Women over-represented among minimum and low-wage earners

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[Audio News Release]: Women over-represented among minimum and low-wage earners

"The less you earn – the more likely it is that you are a woman"

The latest Annual Review of minimum wages in Europe shows that there have been increases to the minimum wage across almost all Member States, in both nominal and real terms. The report also highlights that women are over-represented among minimum and low-wage earners. This means that women will potentially benefit more from these increases, but it reinforces that more women are working in low-paid jobs than men.

There is also evidence that women are more likely to earn less than the full adult minimum wage rate, in the instances where this occurs. This can be when the statutory rate does not apply to specific groups of workers, among certain age groups, or when there is non-compliance.

Mary McCaughey from Eurofound says that this is the latest evidence of structural gender inequality on the labour market. Click here or on the video file in the related material below to listen to the audio.

More information:

Full audio transcription of the clip in the Word document attached.

You can download the full Minimum wages in 2019 annual review here.

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