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Dublin and London have higher proportion of people struggling to cope

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Dublin and London have higher proportion of people struggling to cope

Dublin and London have a higher proportion of people that report low resilience, which is an expressed difficulty to cope with important life problems and to bounce back from adversity, than both the national averages and the EU average. This goes against the general trend that people living in capital cities have a higher level of resilience than other urban or rural areas.

Eurofound’s new analysis of the latest European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS) shows differences in quality of life and well-being, quality of society, and quality of public services in Europe’s capitals and major cities with respective national averages. It notes that both Dublin and London have disproportionately high living costs and a shortage of affordable accommodation.

This research from Eurofound is the latest to contrast life for those inside and outside urban centres and complements both the 2019 European Jobs Monitor report, which showed that metropolitan regions had the fastest employment growth over the last decade, and the 2019 analysis of EQLS data on rural Europe, which showed that people in rural Europe were more likely to report difficulty in making ends meet.




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James Higgins

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Eurofound, a tripartite European Union Agency, provides knowledge to assist in the development of social, employment and work-related policies

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